The sparkle of highway behind this grove of trees,
I linger through this dark forest, lost
As red-breast robin bouncing upon a snowy grass
Confused, by late winter’s frost:

Aside, I hear the mockery of crows
From up the treetops, where shadows grow
And then below, the sudden rift
Of sudden loss, and sudden drift

Of a voice. I used to hear it when I sleep
Among the dirt, in shameful weep
And yet when my eyes are seen
I notice the glimmer of a light that gleams
Like a highway through the woods
Leaving me where, my life will be.

© 2019 Kevin Le.
A rope, strung high
To inhuman judgement; or an impulse,
As the dogs’ enslavement? The dance
Is a one-man show, an audience of one,
All but the one performing.
Waltzes are lonely without a partner,
And there is no sun to cast a shadow;
Shadows themselves lack shadows;
Thus there is no shadow to accompany;
It feels forced: to be with others,
To deal with their missteps, to deal with joys and sorrows
Not belonging to one’s own;
Sharing is selfish in that way: imposing
Misery upon another, when misery
Has already imposed itself upon!
We are poorer when giving,
More generous when miserly,
Generosity upon oneself is greed.
‘Less there be a wealth increasing with expidenture,
Let me spend these words to purchase poverty;
I am poorer when poor, richer when rich,
I’d rather honesty have this way than the other.

© 2019 Kevin Le.
A head of stars my dreams became,
Aroused the sliver of a name,
That carved a trail of blazing fire
Down the depths of my desire:—
I must hold it, ever keep,
Forever in eternal sleep,
Unless one day, I burn the shame:
To burn away, and say your name.

© 2019 Kevin Le.

This is my Confession to You

My hands cuff around snow, forming a ball that I aim for you like a shooting star. Alas you twist, and by fate the comet breaks all over your head—fringe dandruffed with Colorado snow, the water leaking on your face.

You sling two wishes unto me at once. You pounce on me. I smile when I feel the water dripping on me, cold like from icicles, frostbites mixed with peppermint breath.

© 2019 Kevin Le.